I use Uber. A lot. I literally take an Uber for like 1km that I could perfectly walk. You’re welcome, Uber… You’re very, very, welcome.

This is not a post to trash the agency. I actually enjoy the service they provide, and the fact that it is a very easy way to meet new people is awesome -specially for a person that has a bit of a hard time socializing, like me! Nevertheless, I do believe it would be a far more entertaining post if I write about “strange experiences”, than just “I just had the most pleasant ride from point A to point B. The guy gave me a mint and a bottle of water, and remained quiet the entire ride”

I will not provide the names of the drivers – that would be rude. (And illegal)

12/29/2016, 8:18 am. “Why are you ignoring me?”

Backstory: I was going to a job interview. I was blonde at the time. It was, overall, a nice conversation. He asked me were I was going, I explained to an interview, he wished me the best of luck.
“Even though, a beautiful blond girl like you doesn’t really need luck. You seem smart, and anyone would be lucky to have you as a co-worker… or lover” -heh, great. Awesome.
I had a candy -from mexico, called “Gloria” (best candy EVER), and gave it to him as a thank you courtesy  for his ride. He thanked, smiled, and left.
He then later started to text me -all day long. I decided to just not answer… he later asked me why was I ignoring him… If he “misread any signal” I gave him
Dude, I just gave you a goat’s milk candy. Back off.


2/8/2017 7:40 pm. Valentine’s advice.

“Do you have a boyfriend, young lady?”
-yes, since almost 3 years ago haha
“Well, for Valentine’s day, I’m taking my wife to a motel. There is a very nice one near where I just picked you up. It has a pole in the middle of the room. It’s a whole new experience. Think about it… It spices up the relationship.”

Thank you sir. Thank you…
(I just gave my boyfriend a box full of chocolates -which ended up in my stomach because I got my period)


4/7/2017 10:01 pm. Long Distance Relationship

“I have a Mexican girlfriend. I’ve never met her in real life though… We just write to each other by whatsapp. But since my wife left me, she’s the only person that has made me actually smile”

4/18/2017 6:45 pm. “Marihuana is bad”

Backstory: A few guys got intoxicated with k2 in a bar. So, my uber driver thought it was a great way to teach me a lesson about drugs, being young and experimentation.

“Marihuana? MARIHUANA???? GOD FORBID!!! I would never even dare to smoke that shit. My ride is coke. But marihuana? that’s just plain wrong.”

I have a bunch of more stories, but lets leave that for another time, eh?


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