If you want to see my rant before I got paid, check my last post. If not, continue reading.

How to waste your paycheck in less than 24 hours

  • Wait for your payday

This means: work your ass off until you get paid.

  • Buy a New Nintendo 3Ds

Buy a $230 electronic device that you will use to deprive yourself from social interaction… the same as you do when putting on headphones to listen to music, or read your favorite book or manga.

  • Buy a smoothie

Because hey, gurl. You diserve a piña colada smoothie without alcohol. You got yelled at today for having a slight latin accent in a call. Go get that smoothie, it will be alright. It will all be alright.

  • Go to the doctor

Check your ovaries that want to murder you. Get some prescription birthcontrol pills that will help you get rid of your stones, acne and regulate your irregular monthly hemorrhage.


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