Small disclaimer: yes, i sometimes smoke weed. And yes, my period is here. And yes, today I smoked weed to relieve the excruciating pain I was going through at that moment.

  • Where are my ruffles?!?!
  • I have a favorite direction. Not sure which one it is. Need to buy a compass. Need. To. Buy. Compass.
  • Tostitos. I like tostitos. I want tostitos.
  • Luke is so soft. He’s a good boy. I like my luke. I hope Lulu stops growling at him.
  • Im starving… could eat an entire chocolate cake.
  • Why is it so easy to space out??? What does spacing out mean????
  • I like silence. I hear everything.
  • Should i say something to my Uber driver, or is silence more comfortable??
  • I’ll stick to silence and give him a 5 star review… yeah
  • A beer sounds nice.
  • My ovaries hurt
  • Cotton mouth cotton mouth cotton mouuuth
  • My biggest fear is someone smelling my period… is it possible???
  • I want a hug, a kiss and a mug with hot cocoa
  • Water. Need water.
  • Oh god, I’m here. Act normal. Breathe. Say hello.
  • Go to bed. Go to bed. Go to bed.
  • Uh! Chocolates! I love my boyfriend.
  • Water. Water. Wateeeeerrrr

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