I remember starting this blog when I was 16 years old. I wrote 3 posts, and then disappeared.

I thought that my opinions were utterly important, utterly unique. I thought that I was one of those “special snowflakes”, that I was “deeplymisunderstood”… when actually I was just another moody teenager.

I was simply just another brat. Oh well… I actually thought I was different, but in 2 years I discovered so many things, that made me realize I was a bit wrong.

Last year I turned 18, graduated high school and got a technical degree. I’m now a software development technician (hurray!). I got drunk many, many times (even ended up at a hospital), tried spinning fire, started to hula hoop… i guess all oh those things are experiences worth telling, right?

So here I am. Back again. Ready to finally be consistent and responsible, and write my teenage and young adult experiences… so you, readers (younger and older than me), can be part of my self discovery journey.

So, hi. I’m Adriana. 


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