No, I’m no photographer. At least not a professional one (I barely go like an amateur one), but I still enjoy taking pictures though.

Green's a pretty nice color, don't you think?
Green’s a pretty nice color, don’t you think?

I like to take pictures occasionally, and there’s not really an intention in them. I just like to capture whatever looks pretty or fun at the moment

Clouds are magnificent.
Clouds are magnificent.

I really enjoy taking pictures…taking them, not being in them

Did you know I use my grandfather's glasses?
Did you know I use my grandfather’s glasses?

The thing about taking pictures is that people can see the world the way I do

Light and Dark
Light and Dark

Taking pictures is great because every frame is different, and unique.
I get to capture anything I want, and show how I feel -happy, disturbed, lonely…

Dead pink flower
Dead pink flower

As I said before, I enjoy taking pictures.
I’m not a professional at it, and I don’t have a real pro camera (i’m saving money for one though)
I’m still learning, and have a long way to go so I can someday get amazing photographies…
But for now, here’s my attempt to show you the world through my lenses

Oh, and, I like trees
Oh, and, here’s a tree

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