Tomorrow is my first day of school.
Eleventh grade, (kind of a big deal)
I’m hyped and terrified.
So, be expecting weekly posts about school stuff and such…
Sorry I haven’t posted anything at all, I’ve been getting my books, and notebooks, pencils, uniforms and all… Quite a busy month, to be honest, so I haven’t had time at all to think and write, I barely have used the computer
It’s 23:25 pm, February the 1st, and I am not tired yet…
Really doubt I’ll be getting some sleep tonight, and have to get up at 4 in the morning ’cause, honestly? I take a long time getting up… I have this weird ritual that consists in literally begging to who-knows-what for inspiration and willing to be a civilized human for the day, nagging, and the usual “uuuggghhh but the bed is so comfy, whyyy do I have to get out and leaaarrrnnn???!!!!”, then take a 30 minute shower, and put on a shit ton of eyeliner…
This year, I’ve decided I’d comb my hair for a change, so my “girly” classmates wouldn’t nag and tell me stuff I really don’t care and have no idea of how to tell them in a nice, human, sensitive way…
Some days, I have no desire of acting as a “normal” human, so I practically stay all day in bed, without taking a shower, and just travel from my room to the kitchen to get some milk from the fridge and drink it straight out of the carton… feminine, yeah, yeah… whatever.
Ugh, eleventh grade…
Good thing? I’m getting chemistry and biology classes!!! (Ooohhh yeah!!! SO HYPED!)
Also, I’ll get to see my boy (hurray:3 and it’s almost valentines day!! Hurray!!!! Our first valentines♥)
My goals this school period?? Well, I’ll actually try to achieve the goals I’ve set on previous years…
You know, being that straight A student… kind of have to this year so I can get to a good college… ugh, scary, I know
I am a good student, really, I really am… it’s just that after a few months, I get exhausted of everything, it all loses sense and I just stop giving any ducks… so, there’s my small issue…
Oh well, not this year.
Eleventh grade, here I come
Classmates, here I come.
This year, will be a new year.
It will be a good year.
At least, better than the last ones.


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